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Course Union Executive Meeting

The Course Union Executive will hold regular meeting about twice a month.   These are open meeting so anyone who wants to come and share ideas can.  And people looking to help are always welcome.

Time: Wednesday April 7th 2:30-3:30

Place: PBS Lunch Room



Election Results

Here are the results for the somewhat recent election.

Chair: Andre Johnson
Internal Coordinator: Nima Farrokhsiar
Service Coordinator: Waqas Muhammad
Operational Coordinator: Shafiqul Islam
Member at Large: Vacant

If any one is still interested in helping out, let me know at andre.johnson14 – at – Or come out to one of our meetings, we welcome any one who want to help.

Special thanks to Ali Ahmadi, Mohammad Islam, and Maria Graziano for helping out with the election.

Andre Johnson

A Slight Delay

I would like to thank everyone who showed interested in running for the course union.  Due to logistical reasons the election date has been push back until later next week.   Keep checking this page, more information will be coming soon!


Call for Nominations

Hello Friends,

It is time to invite people to take an active role in the Engineering Graduate Student Course Union (EGSCU).  This is a call for nominations for all the positions on the EGSCU.  The positions are as follows:

Internal Coordinator
Service Coordinator
Operational Coordinator
Member at Large

A brief description of the suggested responsibilities of each position is provided at:
The exact responsibilities will be decided upon by council after the election.

Nominations will be open from now until 4:30pm, Thursday February 11th.  Please e-mail the name of the person being nominated (you can nominate yourself) and the position they are running for to Maria Graziano ( .  Any questions regarding the election or council can be directed to Mohammad Islam (

Elections will be held for any position with more than one candidate nominate, on February 22nd and 23rd by e-mail.  Positions with only one candidate will be elected by acclimation.


Ali Ahmadi

Meeting Minutes Uploaded

The minutes from last Friday meeting has been uploads, look under the meeting tabs.  We will try to upload minuets from all the meeting we have, including both general meetings and meetings of the course union executive.


E-Week is coming

Engineering Week at UBCO is next week. This event is designed to coincide with nation engineering week, which unfortunately falls over reading week this year.

Important Events for You

10:30 -3:00 – Engineering Career Fair, Fipke Lobby

6-9 am Monday – Games Night
4-10 pm Tuesday – Bar Night and Canuck PPV at Dave’s Sports Bar, tickets available from Jackie
4pm – ?? Friday – Closing event, cake, prizes, and Olympic Opening Ceremony on TV

Full Event Listings at UBCO E-Week

Hey Look, We are on Facebook

Facebook addicted grad students rejoice!  We now have a Facebook group!!

UBCO Engineering Graduate Student Course Union – Facebook Page

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